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and all creative narratives/short stories/poetic prose. We showcase emerging writers within Nigeria and outside.

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By Titi Alake No more! Do not call us a dark continent. We have emerged as lotus from murky soil; damn the loamy, damn the sandy; our cleansing tool has…More

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This ‘friend’ of a word has to have been overused and/or is starting to lose value or I just never understood the word. Everyone you meet now wants to be…More

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I’m here to save the World just like most who come into it. The difference is just the way we do it. No, I don’t have a plan yet but…More

her face - connection
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I can see her face. She’s sitting comfy in that spot she’s always seated but her mind is far from whatever is around her. Just as I’m looking at…More

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Dido was not her real name but it was the name everyone knew her by. Even her parents often times called her Dido against their better judgment. Though they didn’t…More

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…She sat there in blatant darkness, still and unmoving, her thoughts doing all the shuffling. Any crafty animal perceiving her might foolishly think her insensible or to its peril,…More

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Read Ilu Sioni (Illusion) Episode 1 Water roughly splashed across his face roused him. It took his eyes several minutes to adjust because they were hurting and his head was…More

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…Fido raced on like a mad dog out of hell. it was one of those adrenalin controlled moments in ones’ life when the brain and its’ reasoning capabilities…More