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(written some weeks ago;enjoy or not) ‘Even in the event that you have no opinion,shouldn't it be a shame for you to let people know’ – @sloppyninja …More

Lala akindoju
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Open Mic Theatre is Back with the Conscious Edition! The theme this time is SOCIETY, COMMUNITY AND CONSCIOUSNESS. Performers would be doing very passionate monologues and dramatic pieces. Some of…More

dear mother
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She’s a witch, my mother Or how could she be so strong? They were right, her foes My mother’s a witch That’s why she don’t sleep at night Watching me,…More

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by Teehem Dreams are my affliction; they disease me Dreams drown me, fill me with sweetness Then disown me Rheumy dreams, lucid…pap solid I stir through Storied dreams…folktale’s pleasure Agony…More

Kissing by the sea
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In your arms I lie, the world washes on by. No shadows in your beauty, for your smile lightens up the darkness. In the sweetness of your warmth, I…More

go slow
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When your heart boils, playing host to the global warming, take a pause,a breath and GO SLOW When friends deserts, And loved ones depart, When enemies abound And life is…More

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