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Pitch black covers the lid I’m sitting in peaceful disturbance away with cloth; away with thoughts away with thrive sweaty wandering soul draped in its shadow looking faraway from tomorrow…More

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Nigeria had called for us to obey; a call to vote. Voting is supposed to allow us elect the person of our choice so voters’ registration had been the password.…More

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Dear bomber, Let’s both pretend you are fighting for a justifiable course. Let’s say I didn’t call you dear because I’m afraid of you. Let’s agree our leaders are…More

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If I’m saying two same different things it aint figurative, not near literature. It’s me feeling stupidly uncanny: the mind ‘poli-tricks’ it’s intelligence; making you see sense in me,…More

not your type girl
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So I was sitting at this lobby waiting for my turn, not really paying attention to the others waiting like me. I had logged in to a chatting application…More

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you are a flickering in my firmament I got lost, found and then lost wandering towards your twinkling I’d gather the sky gather you… whispers of the night would tell…More

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As I read that Obasanjo laughed at Atiku’s candidacy, I can’t but join in the laughter galore. It is actually funny that Atiku is contesting again especially under…More

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