Author: Lake Adedamola

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Alice cooks Olo’s dinner naked save for her batik wrapper draped over her breasts. She boils the meat in a broth spiced with fresh peppers so that the tenderized meat…More

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The Boy Grew There was a boyHe ate peaches for breakfast He sang with the birdsHe ran with cheetahsClimbed trees with monkeys Lying on grass fieldsHe fell asleep gazing at…More

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This is how they met: a plump lady is walking out of the STI Clinic with a cellophane bag as a dapper doctor in an over-sized white coat is walking…More

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Meet Olo, Alice’s husband, again. He is still lying on an armchair in his living room, snoring away his Saturday. He will wake up soon enough with a splitting headache…More

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For boys like me, who sprouted from a broken home, joy is an impossible currency. The last time I saw my mother was thirteen years ago, in a pool of…More

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