Author: Lake Adedamola

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Was it the way the wind called your name; in whispers,Soft and soothing,Serenading you with rhythms you loved to hear?Or was it the ancestral beats resonating from history;Tales of brave…More

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two poets and a pineapple so they took their love down to the oceanand washed it salty cleantheir love was like the pineapplethat always stayed green  “if we cleanse it…More

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When your mother returns Every day when your mother returns from the market It was you who welcomes her at the doorand she would have a smile for you. It…More

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In a world where the long history of humankind’s race to civilization has left debilitating environmental consequences, many individuals and corporations are finally standing up to champion causes focused on…More

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1. ghazal for the ghastly going“I am not cruel, only truthful.” – Sylvia Plath I’ll take your love in rations: this portion will last ’til June,when my leaves turn brown…More

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Aririọ Kwuteli Here will I submit my supplication to Ala. O Ala! I know you are benevolent.You give children abundantly like rain and watch them grow like the akpu farms…More

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