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“So BRTs have a monitoring team?” “Yes, They do. They monitor the activities of the buses and the drivers I think”. “What activities?” “I think they ensure that they comply…More

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Do check out Teehem's other write-ups here. Interesting stuff! Pointing has always been an invaluable skill/gift whichever way you may have it. If you disbelieve, check your Quran, bible or…More

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“Man was born free and he is everywhere in chains…” – Jean Jacques Rousseau (1762) The maxim above reads deliciously on paper and rolls even better…More

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(written some weeks ago;enjoy or not) ‘Even in the event that you have no opinion,shouldn't it be a shame for you to let people know’ – @sloppyninja …More

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Where do I start from? I was asked by a friend, a brother; “where is your bile?” Honestly, I feel numbed but…More

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(This was earlier posted on Mar. 29, 2011 but still relevant to the present situation of the nation.) Dear GEJ, Apparently, you have been very busy lately; all…More

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Only a very select few will agree that they found the series ‘Spartacus’ distasteful, particularly people who abhor nudity onscreen and uninhibited violence. However, very few will dish the plot…More

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The theories of love are probably too difficult especially when it comes to relationship or I am just that dumb. People make it seems like a perfect eye that sees…More