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What If? What if the sun rises in the west and set at east?What if the moon shines at day and neglect the night?If the hands speaks and the eye…More

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the language of descent I remember when we used to flyand how the sky carried us in its pouchthe wind caressing our wingsthe sun begging to join our flockand gravity…More

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We met at Tito’s housewarming. It wasn’t really her housewarming. Her father had gifted her the house on her 19th birthday which was almost four years ago. But Tito would…More

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She asks me what is my name,I tell her it is a long story,When it really isn’t,It just looks like it will beanother boring storyOf a mispronunciation of my name.…More

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Spears / Throat & Grief, The Walks of Death on Bodies of Water (for my grandmother, Ojuolape)/Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un/ death keeps plucking the beloved, in miraculous ways…More

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