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1. ghazal for the ghastly going“I am not cruel, only truthful.” – Sylvia Plath I’ll take your love in rations: this portion will last ’til June,when my leaves turn brown…More

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Aririọ Kwuteli Here will I submit my supplication to Ala. O Ala! I know you are benevolent.You give children abundantly like rain and watch them grow like the akpu farms…More

the becoming of a woman
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So, who else thinks girls just grow magically overnight into women, with no hassle? A perfect, rosy transition, eh? Well, that is some fairytale; to think that the becoming of…More

writing contests - nantygreens
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The literary world is never tired of spinning great writing opportunities and 2019 is paving better avenues to reaching emerging writers and modelling them for larger audiences. Check out some…More

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