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In the thicket Mothers hum & prod babiesbitten by tsetse flies. In the thicket every sleep is slippery towards silent stupor & mothers know every quiet eyeclosure is not peace…More

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Various Forms of Doubt Rehearsing How to Dance in My Sister’s Head (i)we take off our clothesyour skin turns downthe approach of my fingers.fright cloaks youyour skeletal frame is upholsteredin…More

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Mother— believe me again,I’m not mad Mother asks if this is anothersubtle elegy to mourn my father,& I tell her— this poem is another ironcaught between the anvil and the…More

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Seraphim Falls I Yesterday, we the young whose purityhas never been stained with sin sawdepravities which had been coveredby our fathers’ odd words with cloaks of rakishness.We watched our antiquated…More

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