Boju Boju Art Exhibition Opening at The Osh Gallery

The Boju Boju art exhibition will be open to the general public on the 27th of June, 2015 at the Osh Gallery  The Boju Boju Photo-Installation is the creative work of the Nigerian Photographer – Ayo Akinwande. His works address social issues with the use of satire – while holding a light to interpersonal relationships. 

Boju Boju
“The Boju Boju Photo-Installation explores the concepts of perception, duality, and the multifaceted layers of the human reality. Taking its roots from Oro festival of the Yoruba traditional culture, the Boju Boju game is an adaptation of Hide and Seek. Ayo Akinwande cleverly winds these overlapping themes into a maze, highlighting the focal points of a social spectrum and addressing salient phenomena and maladies which seem to have attained the status of normalcy. He attempts to wade through an ideological trajectory and pose questions which situate the viewer in the same scape. Akinwande makes use of a wide array of props, chief of which are selected West African masks. 
In an attempt to engage the viewer in the game, the entire exhibition is stretched on a 100 Meter canvas. The photographer, whose initial works are hinged on the performative, exploits the same process as he employs a number of nude models to illustrate his narrative."
Time: 6pm, 
Venue: The Osh Gallery – 381, Herbert Macaulay way, St Agnes, Yaba Lagos.
The Osh Gallery 
The Osh Gallery, established in August, 2014, has become an alternative arts space in Lagos, Nigeria. The Gallery serves as a hub for emerging artists to find expression. Based on the ideology of experimentation and collaboration, the gallery is constantly expanding its scope and capacity to engage young artists.
The Gallery is situated on the Lagos Mainland, the space is a walking distance from the Yaba College of Technology and the University of Lagos Art Schools; affording it the luxury of young, passionate, creative minds. Our 95 Square Meter custom built space affords artists a degree of creative freedom and the gallery offers this at no cost to artists, both as temporary studios and for exhibition.

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