Portia – Love Went Wrong by Nshe Velnoe David


No one, they said, is perfect. Without thoughts or mincing words, I declare to you today that Portia was perfect even in her own imperfections. She seemed so flawless in everything she touches that her mistakes became so beautiful to the eyes of her beholder. Portia indeed was perfect and I am not arguing about that quote with anyone no more.

Salim, handsome and beautiful with a smile so bright, and a nice pair of dimples that enrages the innermost part of any lady he smiles at: but he chose Portia, amongst all. Portia, just like every normal girl out there, has had her fair share of heartbreaks. Portia, who broke up with her most recent ex in a rather strange fashion. It was peaceful and mutual. That ex of hers was in the army. You see the irony?

Portia loved and stood with Salim for over a score and a half. Salim has the best girl in the world literally. If Portia ever recorded a song, Beyoncé would have been hoping for one Grammy. Pablo would find a role model in her in the art of painting. Messi, he wouldn’t be worthy to lace her shoes. But she chose love. She chose submission. She chose Salim.

Salim messes up every time he feels he likes, comes back with gifts, pets her and she forgives. The next day, she wakes up with swollen eyes and the cycle continues.

She didn’t want to let him go. He had a good aura probably because he knows her weak points and how to get to her every. And he got in on her. She had enough of it and left Salim.

Josh came along. Josh looked serious and promising. He has an aura like Salim but… Maybe he’ll pop the question and allow her attain her full potential by supporting her.

Josh was Salim in a different body. Need I tell you what Josh done did? You all know already. Now she is confused. She needs Joy. She needs happiness and she needs to settle down just like her peers. Josh doesn’t want to let her go and Salim wants her back. Salim swore he has changed. Another guy, I don’t know what he is called, stands on the other side of the room hoping Portia would see him and give him a chance. But he looks weak. He seems a one-minute man. Can he perform?

Who knows, John Doe might have been all she ever needed. But, he never got on her real big time. The sensation of wanting him was a 1% thing and that was his downside. That is why he remains in the shadows hoping she’d give him a chance to prove that indeed, Noah is no Ahab! To prove the fallacy in the syllogism that all men are the same. To divert minds from that stereotype. But the last justifies the means. Good guys never win!

Other persons that deep within we know are far better than the above mentioned surfaced but because they are not rich enough to buy your conscience you waved off.

Nshe Velnoe David, student of university of Jos, Theatre and Film Arts. A storyteller, actor and writer. Connect with him on twitter here, @vely2sept. He resides in Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria.

Lake Adedamola is a poet, writer, and editor with Nantygreens, who's worked with several other literary blogs including Brittle Paper. He has, since 2018, served in various capacities on the Lagos International Poetry Festival, LIPFest, team.

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