REZthaPoet Publishes His Poetry Chapbook – Beautiful, One


Poetry Chapbook – Beautiful, One

Author – REZthaPoet

REZthaPoet, Adebola Afolabi, has published a poetry chapbook titled ‘Beautiful One’. In this poetry chapbook, REZthaPoet explores interesting sensual themes as he showcase a different personae from the cultural themes he usually write about.

Rezthapoet beautiful one nantygreens

The ‘Beautiful One’ poetry chapbook was published by Beige and Crow. You can get it free from REZthaPoet website here but you are also encouraged to make a donation especially if you love the works of the poet.

Beautiful One Rezthapoet Nantygreens

According to the publisher of Beautiful One,

Balancing love and sex is a tightrope REZthaPoet attempts in this collection but between the migraine of heartbreak and the surge of emotions, he crafts a fluid metaphor and memory, making sex a vehicle for many other themes. Sex simply becomes a backdrop or a pleasant gaze accompanying a musical sequence of philosophy.


If you are new to REZthaPoet, you should check out I AM’s video released in September, 2017 and some of his other works.

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