Short Story Competition – Awele Creative Trust 2014


Awele Creative Trust (ACT) 2014 short story competition will be open for submissions starting from September 1 to November 1 , 2014.  Short story writers between the ages of 19 and 26, who live in Nigeria are eligible to participate.

Awele Creative Trust  is committed to supporting the growth of writers. According to the statement on ACT website

The principal purpose of ACT is to create a platform  for  literary encounters between professional writers and aspiring ones. The ACT Centre will provide writing residencies where professional writers will spend time working on their craft and providing workshops in local schools.

To encourage aspiring writers, ACT will also offer an annual ACT award with a monetary sum attached to it , as well as a 3 month writing workshop to one aspiring writer  living in Nigeria. The first ACT award will be given in January 2015.

Guidelines for submission is on ACT website here

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