Update: Love Mother Earth Competition



About a month ago we had a post announcing the ‘Stop Ebola, Love Mother Earth’ essay competition. Since then, the competition has officially kicked off and the team had an informative chat during the GreenHour show on Nigeria Info 99.3 FM Lagos, the main sponsor of the competition. The competition aims to educate about the outbreak of Ebola, proper hygiene and the disconnect with Nature.

According to the team lead over at OAE Cleaners, the participation is quite impressive and they are in the process of reading the entries, editing and posting them on their website. To give room for more participation and allow more people contribute well-articulated thoughts to the discus, entries can still be sent in to [email protected]  even though the competition is officially closed.

All entries from the LoveMotherEarth Essay Competition will be posted on their website. Read the first entry posted, Glory Nwaekpe’s “Preventing Epidemics Through A Responsible Man – Nature Relationship”.

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