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Nameless my soul is corroded / ache sewn into chest like a badge / I reach out to god with a middle finger / want to chisel the moon with…More

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A BEAUTIFUL MIND first womanplants a flag in my heart, colonizes it. sows a seed in my soul & steals it.there are not enough fruits in edento banish me from…More

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Let God Use You Service on Sunday comes with a preacheron a blazing blazer & whatever beautifies—from the wardrobes of the congregants. “Our God works in mysterious ways.He uses filled…More

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Absence is knowing that the Atlantic Ocean has departedthe planet. TheAtlantic is blank on themap shrouded on a piece ofginger paper andonly nothing can fill its space.the earth, your heart…More

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Here’s bringing young comic writers who are often times unacknowledged to the global scene. Cheers! 1. UNICEF School Superhero Comic Contest.Persons aged 25 and below from all countries can submit…More

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Grief in your room,the haemorrhage puts you to your knees you bleed for all the things that will never return:your virginity, your sanity – the ones your uncle erased.your phone…More

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YOU KNOW A MAN WILL TREAT YOU RIGHT BY HOW OFTEN HE APOLOGISES I want no boxing lover my sister loves to hum       I love you     is     the run(a)way…More

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