Taiye was so engrossed in her phone she didn’t even hear Jide walk into the office kitchen.

“Is this thing really worth it sef?” she mumbled to herself.

“Is what really worth it?”

She looked up to find Jide standing across the table. He sat down, stirring his cup of coffee and looking at her expectantly.

“Should I really show you?”

“Yes na, show me.”

She hesitated briefly before turning her phone screen so he could see what she’d been looking at.

She stared at his cute face and watched as his eyes registered the lingerie model and the deep v-neck lacy piece she was showcasing. For some reason she felt a thrill run through her as he shouted a “Daaaamn” in appreciation. He zoomed in on the picture and said it again; “Daaaaayyymn.”

“Is this what you want to get? It’s worth it. Get it. Is it online? What store?”

She laughed because he was obviously very impressed with the lingerie and it pleased her to think he had imagined it on her own body, not the model’s.

Taiye washed her tea cup and went back to her cubicle.



Jide watched Taiye as she backed him at the sink, absentmindedly washing out her mug. Seeing that lingerie picture had unlocked all the secret levels of his imagination as far as this girl was concerned now. He pictured her in the lacy number, and maybe black heels as well. He thought how good she would feel if he walked up to her from behind, buried his nose in her neck, squeezed on her breasts and listened to her breathing grow jagged…

He gave her a seemingly nonchalant nod as she walked out of the break room, gave his head a good shake and rushed the rest of his coffee.

His cubicle was opposite hers, but he couldn’t see her through the glass partitions because of all the other cubicles and colleagues’ heads between them. He found himself thinking of her and looking instinctively in the direction of her cubicle even though he couldn’t see her. Although he was starving by 3pm, Jide could only keep staring at the plastic pack containing his rice and fish stew lunch until he caught sight of Taiye standing up and heading to the kitchen some minutes later. He played cool, giving her a couple of minutes headstart before following her in.

The crazy thing about the situation was that he was already aroused, just by being in the same room with her. Jide took a little extra time facing the microwave, surreptitiously arranging himself in his pants and staring at her reflection in the glass door. He finally sat down at the little plastic table across from her, trying not to stare at her too hungrily. His palms immediately became moist when she got up, closed and locked the kitchen door then came to stand next to him.

He gulped. Loudly.


Taiye sat at the kitchen table, staring at Jide’s bum. Damn. Imagine what it would feel like, gripping those buns and pulling him deeper inside her? Taiye’s eyes clouded with a sudden intense, almost irrational need. She’d always had a crush on Jide, but today her hormones were working overtime. Since their earlier encounter, she had been slouched over her keyboard, struggling to concentrate. Around noon, she’d had to shake off the urge to go into the Ladies and masturbate this longing out of her system.

She stole another glance at him and her heart skipped because she knew intuitively that he was trying to hide his erection. The familiar dull ache at the base of her abdomen began throbbing again as she felt her heart beating in her vagina. Taiye pushed her plate of jollof away; it might as well be fresh sawdust, for all the enjoyment it was giving her right now. In an uncharacteristically bold move, she stood up and locked them in, then stood by his side, a quivering blob of need and adrenaline and fear. The blood was pounding through her veins as she looked down at his upturned face, his moist-looking lips parted in slight confusion.

“Jide…” she managed to drag the syllables out of her throat as she reached out, shakily picked up his right hand and placed his fingers over her lips.

“Is this okay?”

His moan-groan mixture was the only consent she needed and she quickly closed up the space between them when he stood up swiftly, his left arm capturing her waist eagerly, like a starving Venus flytrap… Jide’s pink lips covered hers in a second, his tongue wasting no time in gently parting her lips and darting into her mouth, eager to taste this beautiful, confident woman that was now a soft whimpering mess in his arms. Hot on the trails of the “ohmygod is this really happening” thought that flashed through her mind was the urgent need to do as much to him physically as she had imagined, before this glorious opportunity was snatched away from her. It was unspoken: this was no time to play around. Telepathically, they both realised that they were in a communal space in the office and anybody could try to get in at any forken time.

Taiye splayed her fingers over that tushy that had teased her for so long, loving the feel of hard muscle and the impatient breathing her hands provoked. Jide held her head at an angle; the better to explore her mouth, his other hand struggling with her shirt buttons. When he eased her breast out of her bra and sighed as his thumb located her hard nipple, Taiye squeaked into his mouth, frantically unclasping his belt buckle, needing to touch him. Jide’s mouth came up in a gasp when her thumb smeared his pre-cum over his dick and Taiye seized the opportunity to drop to her knees and take him in her mouth.

It was all he could do not to scream out. His knees buckled and he reached blindly behind him, steadying himself with the table. It was too much. Jide pulled her back up, bunching her skirt at her waist and groaning softly when his probing fingers pushed her panties to the side and found her wet and waiting. Jide had to plant his mouth firmly on hers to stop her cries, his fingers working inside her wetness, producing even more wetness. Taiye placed her foot on the chair, sticking out her butt to give his fingers more access and biting on his hand that was now pressed over her mouth. The sight of him staring at his fingers going in and out of her flipped a switch in her head and she felt the familiar tremors racing across her skin, delicious pressure building up in her belly and fighting its way out of her.

Jide removed his hand from her mouth, cradling her head to his chest and kissing her forehead until she stopped shaking and breathing like a wild creature. She was a focused one, this girl. Taiye dropped back on her knees and practically swallowed his dick, deepthroating his beautiful specimen like a certified pornstar. She wanted to see his face twisted in ecstasy and feel him pumping his warm fluid into her mouth. She slobbered and spit over his hardness, combining deft hand-wrist movements with onslaughts from her mouth, her tongue swirling wetly over him.

Jide looked down and saw her pretty face looking up at him; his dick buried inside her mouth, her eyes at once playful and seductive and he lost it. He held her head in place with both hands and fucked her mouth in and out of rhythm, knowing only that he could feel the end and he had to get there. He soon doubled over, squeezing on her breast as his cum spurted out into her mouth.

Shakily, they both stood up, returning ravaged breathing to normal and attempting to smoothen out rumpled clothing. Guiltily, Taiye slunk to the door and unlocked it, then turned back to face him, her eyes focused on the microwave behind him.

“Well.” she said, then awkwardly exited the kitchen.

Jide felt a huge grin take over his face and he fell on his erstwhile forgotten lunch, his stomach growling in appreciation.

Damn, he felt super hungry.




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