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love + lust
Poetry 0

A Game of Hoes  I love females Sleek, slim, thick and tall Creamy, rich, tasty, brief Love them angles and the curves Love ’em cold, want the warm Want them…More

Poetry 0

Our love is on and off NEPA, no generators You blow me hot I burn you cold Fire on water The Universe’s secret joke I sweat for you in winter An anomaly,…More

rain xx nantygreens
Poetry 2

You wear lust so well Too well Especially when they barely conceal flesh Your eyes, different tales of pain they tell Until mine travel south…More

rain nantygreens
Poetry 4

I’m in this bus with my earphones plugged in; Fela telling me not-so-subtly that he’s basketmouth and he’s come again. Generally, I’m not a pretentious fella but I’m trying very…More

Poetry 2

I am the drum I have a voice Meet my drummers Their hands they are That lend me voice They drum me raw My voice is hoarse They beat me soft My voice…More

Lagos BRT Nantygreens
Ranticles 1

“So BRTs have a monitoring team?” “Yes, They do. They monitor the activities of the buses and the drivers I think”. “What activities?” “I think they ensure that they comply…More

Ranticles 2

Do check out Teehem's other write-ups here. Interesting stuff! Pointing has always been an invaluable skill/gift whichever way you may have it. If you disbelieve, check your Quran, bible or…More

Poetry 1

Remember About Men….Part One? Here is the second part. Do comment and share. Thanks. It always starts with an 'xy' gene Until that 'xx' gene is formed And then…More

Poetry 0

It always starts with an 'xx' gene yeah, remember she ate the 'Apple' first It's her job to nurture 'xy' genes from the womb, to the tomb from the womb,…More

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