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:Read the latest feature articles and news around art, culture and lifestyle. On our Features, we publish book reviews and film reviews. Art event and book reading announcements – contact us.

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37th State's short film, NKIRU centers around a group of friends who disappear from a beach party under mysterious circumstances. Shot in a style reminiscent of the Hollywood urban legend genre…More

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Caste of the Lead Dynasty presents a night of Spoken Word, Live Music and Expression Friday 25th May, 2012 – 7pm-9pm INFO – 0703 403 0683 Interested performers please kindly…More

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REEL LIFE celebrates 'REMEMBER FOR TOMORROW" Film in May as part of the historical projects at The Life House will focus on the theme: The History and Politics…More

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Charcoal an exhibition of paintings by Godwin Adesoye aims to 'Revolutionise' the medium and challenge the audiences perspective regarding the traditional use of charcoal in art. …More

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“Man was born free and he is everywhere in chains…” – Jean Jacques Rousseau (1762) The maxim above reads deliciously on paper and rolls even better…More

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