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yoruba adire
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Don’t you just like it when tradition finds its way into your heart? So tender, so easy you can’t just shoo it off like that. I might not be able…More

Lagos Madness
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Lagos will not make me go mad. I am beginning to get as superstitious as I could get. Really, to survive in this nation, one has to be crazy. Some…More

Love stars
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Miss Meddle had a February-Love Giveaway yesterday on her blog. The competition was for her readers to respond to the question ‘what does love mean to you?’ Big shout…More

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This ‘friend’ of a word has to have been overused and/or is starting to lose value or I just never understood the word. Everyone you meet now wants to be…More

her face - connection
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I can see her face. She’s sitting comfy in that spot she’s always seated but her mind is far from whatever is around her. Just as I’m looking at…More

Poetry 3

  ….Like                 I want you To be my sun – Shining through the darkest of nights My moon – light on my path That cool breeze after the rain…More

Ranticles 1

(written some weeks ago;enjoy or not) ‘Even in the event that you have no opinion,shouldn't it be a shame for you to let people know’ – @sloppyninja …More

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