Author: Lake Adedamola

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It Is Promises arebayonets pressedupon the rungsof hope. . . and gougedby a hornet. ‘trust’ —a cadaver walkingon mortal hoofs,unaware of the luringfragrance sketched in the air;but…you, area thin line:a…More

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Feyisayo Adeyemi, founder, Nantygreens The intersection between literary platforms and literary works goes beyond creating an enabling platform. While literary platforms take pride in being recipients of quality works and…More

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Sometimes I hunt my pagesCurving lines and doting “I’s”Flipping through the many judgementsExpressing thoughts and captured momentsWithout thinking or focusMaking sense or writing jargonsI could hear its voice echoScreaming and…More

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A Call Out of My Mind Palace I was never present in my body, wandering in the rain in a world that only saw my body and ignored me. It…More

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