Author: teehem

Jig-saw of complete thoughts. Sea of emotions, each tidal wave; spewing form. In this world of haves and have nuts, I chose the latter.

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Our love is on and off NEPA, no generators You blow me hot I burn you cold Fire on water The Universe’s secret joke I sweat for you in winter An anomaly,…More

Gong of Nemesis
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From a Nation renowned for great literary accomplishments comes yet another remarkable addition by Bosun Abdul. Gong of Nemesis is an epic fiction directed at dissecting societal vices like greed,…More

rain xx nantygreens
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You wear lust so well Too well Especially when they barely conceal flesh Your eyes, different tales of pain they tell Until mine travel south…More

rain nantygreens
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I’m in this bus with my earphones plugged in; Fela telling me not-so-subtly that he’s basketmouth and he’s come again. Generally, I’m not a pretentious fella but I’m trying very…More

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I am the drum I have a voice Meet my drummers Their hands they are That lend me voice They drum me raw My voice is hoarse They beat me soft My voice…More

Lagos BRT Nantygreens
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“So BRTs have a monitoring team?” “Yes, They do. They monitor the activities of the buses and the drivers I think”. “What activities?” “I think they ensure that they comply…More

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I’m here to save the World just like most who come into it. The difference is just the way we do it. No, I don’t have a plan yet but…More

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Do check out Teehem's other write-ups here. Interesting stuff! Pointing has always been an invaluable skill/gift whichever way you may have it. If you disbelieve, check your Quran, bible or…More

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Remember About Men….Part One? Here is the second part. Do comment and share. Thanks. It always starts with an 'xy' gene Until that 'xx' gene is formed And then…More