Author: teehem

Jig-saw of complete thoughts. Sea of emotions, each tidal wave; spewing form. In this world of haves and have nuts, I chose the latter.

freedom's march nantygreens
Stories 2

They were coming for her soon. This, she knew because her mother had told her so. Moreso, her mother had gone the same way. ‘You must march at dawn, Koko.…More

Jungle Judges
Stories 2

I get here first. The bus is empty with the exclusion of its driver; a Yoruba boy from either Ibadan or any of those uphill village towns. He’s a young…More

light at the end of the tunnel
Poetry 0

So this Preacher man he comes and tells me I must accept to be saved and not perish Faintly in my ear, him I hear The rumble in the ‘Middle…More

social media addict
Poetry 2

He was starving to death He realised late Ignored to invisibility His new best friend, Paranoia In his earsMore

love + lust
Poetry 0

A Game of Hoes  I love females Sleek, slim, thick and tall Creamy, rich, tasty, brief Love them angles and the curves Love ’em cold, want the warm Want them…More

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