Christmas Wishlist – Holiday Gift Ideas for Book Lovers


With the weather in a confused state – literally, and the current sad happenings looming over our heads, many of us are not really getting the Christmas-y feeling. 

I’m sending virtual hugs to everyone experiencing this – especially our book lovers. 

But I bring good news! Despite all the bad news and saddening events, you can still make yourself and your loved ones happy. 
To get your groove on and get a feel of the holiday fever, I bring you gift ideas to spoil yourself with as a booklover in the spirit of Christmas. And if you are no book enthusiast but know someone who is and would love to be that someone’s special Santa, this is also for you.
Hold on to your hats, guys, because I’m about to blow your minds!

Wall Art Quotes

wall art quote

Wall arts are beautiful pieces of home décor to add some color to your living space. You can frame your favorite line, chapter title, or quote from your favorite book to hang on your wall or keep standing on your shelf, drawer top, and whatnot. 

Book Shaped Pastries

Cake and pastry lovers, please gather around; it’s about to get savoury in here. For the book lovers with a sweet tooth, random cakes or cookies shaped like a book and accompanied by a merry Christmas note (if you are gifting a third party) will work to make delicious desserts or appetizers for your Christmas dinner. I know books are meant to be read, but you can find better use like eating some – but only when they come as cakes and pastries, though. *BIG GRIN* 
Bon appetite! 


For the book lover who needs reading aid like glasses and whatnot, new frames or contact lenses won’t really be a bad idea now, would it? Gift your loved one reading glasses or lenses in their favorite color to up their reading game this Christmas and keep their eyes in good health when spending. 

What’s a book lover’s Christmas wish list without some books?


online bookstores in nigeria

The latest piece from your favourite author will be an excellent addition to your bookshelf this holiday, or you may try something courageous like dropping your favourite genres and writers for something new. Perhaps you want to get a book for someone special; you can go the extra mile to get an autographed copy, especially if it’s by a local author, and I promise you, you’re going to be their BFF (if you aren’t already). 
And that should be all for now. For real this time. *winks* 
I hope you find joy in one or more of these gift ideas and give yourselves and your loved ones a treat. 

Merry Christmas! 

Laura Nnamdi loves Jesus! She would have been a Law graduate but ASUU strikes. Her poems have been published on Praxis Magazine, Kalahari Review and other literary spaces. Laura was the volunteers’ coordinator for Craters Literary Festival 2019 and was longlisted for the Nigerian Student Poetry Prize 2019. She currently isn’t functional on any social media platform aside WhatsApp. Contact her on [email protected]

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