Errors by Opeyemi Odeyale



My sister! 

I could hear her screaming, I could sense the panic in
her voice, I traced where her voice was coming from, it was from the neighbors’
house, the Corper! It was late in the night and my parents were not around.
What could he possibly want from my sister? For Christ sake she is only nine year old.

I ran into his apartment and there he was bending over her, naked from waist upward
and struggling with her knee. I saw blood drops on the ground, before I could think
of anything I bent to pick up a broken piece of glass lying on the ground and I
drove it into his skin. He was going down and mumbling something I couldn’t make
out. I rushed to my sisters side and asked if she was okay.

She said she only bumped into the standing mirror and he was trying to treat her bruises.
Only then did I realize I just stabbed someone who was trying to help.
We rushed to his side and I felt his pulse, nothing! 

Oh my God, I just killed someone!
Does that make me a criminal or worse, a murderer?

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