Word War by Ibisola Omoyoloye





It was a typical love commotion,

This time,

You're drowning

in the pool of total confusion,

Being the  poor victim

violently Crushed

 by the big feet

Of False accusation

You begin to lose your mind

As Thousands of emotions;

Set to purify your stained innocence

Struggle  aggressively to be heard

But then,

The inevitable presence

of Fear and tension

Initiates the release

Of a stampede of clear but  d-i-s-j-o-i-n-t-e-d Words

That innocently contradict

The thunderous feelings in your head


He picks Like needles,

Little marbles of offense

Defying those innocent words

From its intention of making peace

You try pouring waters of light

Hoping to cool off the fire

But the more you try,

The more these offenses  grow

Spreading like  bacteria

Now the knots

holding your head together

falls to the ground

Your anger burst into uncontrollable flames

Misinterpretation Sets in

Analysis crawls in

Long forgotten stories

Become reference points

 Old sore reopens

New wounds are made

Then you see it ending

Right before your troubled eyes

That loving bond

That took enduring years to build

You see the bridge falling beyond repair

And there's nothing you can do

Emotions could be tricky

Even when the intense urge to defend

Itches you like lice

Filter the utterances of your heart

Sometimes don't say it as you feel it

Words are like fragile  glasses

If you don't speak them right

They break into pieces

 Giving you a cut even time cannot mend..

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