Nigeria, the show!

                As I read that Obasanjo laughed at Atiku’s candidacy, I can’t but join in the laughter galore. It is actually funny that Atiku is contesting again especially under the PDP umbrella. But what is more amusing is the fact that an ex-president now sees the matter of the country as comedy.
                Atiku’s character might have been comical for many reasons best known to Obasanjo. Knowing Atiku, as his vice president for two terms would have given him enough insight into the character of Atiku. Obasanjo might have perceived him as a weakling who is set to lose again. Or it might be that he’s actually laughing at us, the masses, who can’t see beyond our nose.
                Come to think of it, I would be laughing too if I had orchestrated a drama series that people appraise as it unfolds. While every other person is being swept off by the suspense, intrigue, action, comedy, etc of the episodes they have seen, my amusement would feed on their ignorance of the whole story yet. I can’t claim I know Obasanjo but he seems quite dramatic…
                No need to recount the stories of recent events in and around the country. We are familiar with the episodes as they unfold. The drama gets spiced up here and there every time. “The dark night of (in)-dependence”, “won win tribunal…”even recently “wild wild Jos”; they have kept people talking as the season continues. Now the radio is saying IBB might be seeking shelter under another umbrella; that colourful PDP umbrella’s shade is quite overcrowded. I won’t be surprised if towards the election time he announces his decision to quit the race. That would surely cause a carnival of laughter from different quarters, for many it would be a prayer answered.
                Testimony time in religious circles would be filled with insert like this “praise the Lord for fine-turning the will of IBB”. For some the new prayer point would be “Oh God, change the will of my enemies as you did that of IBB”. I imagine that the result of the 2011 elections would proclaim some names as synonymous to failure; that would probably start from the party primaries. Be warned! Drama thrives on suspense; paying cautious attention is strictly advised here.
                As it is, Nigeria, the movie is in the theatres. Some manage to watch as the drama is being enacted; some participate in the actions but don’t forget those who actually orchestrate the drama. You know how ‘Actors’ (protagonists) hardly die in a film; it’s all in the manipulation of the story to the orchestrator’s fancy. In the spirit of laughing let’s not forget that he who laughs last, laughs well, laughs best!!!
Enjoy the show!!

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