5 Recommended Reads

A number of reasons can be given as to why reading is very good. Reading has been described by some as exercising the brain just the way we exercise the body. It keeps the brain active and helps with improving knowledge. Interestingly, the guys at Thereadclub have found a way to help people read more books socially and this can be very helpful.  

So while you are excited about #fitfam for your body, also endeavour to do same for the brain.  Here is a list of books you can read and they have all been read by our good man @ekuteile who some time ago recommended five books to devour before the end of the year.
1. Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn
2. ‘Ghana Must Go’ by Taiye Selasi
3. ‘The Slave Ship’ by Marcus Rediker
4. ‘NW’ by Zadie Smith
5.  “Catch-22” by Joseph Heller
Read what Ekuteile has to say about the books on his tumblr page
Do read and share your thoughts.
Photo credit – @ekuteile

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