Five Books to Devour Before You Say ‘Merry Christmas / Happy New Year’

By Ekute Ile
I've read 24 new books .I also re-read
4 books from my ever expanding library. So all in all,I did 28 pieces of literary works. All these I did in 2013,as you may rightly guess,not all those books were fantastic. Some were a little bit merde but I had fun reading all of them. The cherishing aspect of my endeavour should be the revelation that a substantial amount of these 28 books were written by Nigerian authors……. Naija for life!!
So with a gladsome mind will I now share my favourite five Nigerian books and equally encourage you to get one,two,three….or maybe it'd be a good idea to get all !
Let’s proceed………
{1} ‘FELA: This Bitch Of A Life’ by Carlos Moore
You really want to know about the ‘Abami Eda’? You really want to understand his life? You want to know him? Then grab your own copy of this insightful and personal book. Filled with the legend’s own words and views written in first person by this author with Fela’s consent. Not only was the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Nigeria’s greatest musical export; he was also a comedian as this book will show you. I had fits of laughter whilst reading this!
Now I know the true story behind THAT decision to marry 27 wives at a go. I also now know better about his musical turnaround from Jazz to Afrobeat { Fela even denounced the term and called his music ‘African classical music’}. I also now understand his spiritual and mystical beliefs {or maybe I don’t…lol}. I also like the fact that Carlos Moore included pages of interviews from his 1st wife {Remi},best pal{J.K.Braimah} and also from about 8 of his 27 wives. He also dotted his work with pictures.
Good job by Carlos Moore and thanks to the ‘Abami Eda’ for revealing the inner fabric of his world to us. One thing you should know, I am an apostle of the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and his ideologies {erm…not all though}.
{2} ‘June 12,1993 : Annulment' by Abraham Oshoko

I will not attempt to tire you with superlatives about this piece but just know that History/Political books don’t come any better than this in comic/animation style! and this actually a sequel because I bought and read the first one about 4 years ago or so.
{3}  ‘Soldiers of Fortune’ by Max Siollun
Greatly filled with extensive research and
history….wow. The level of research that went into the writing of this book must have been craaaazy! My pen did a lot of highlighting whilst I was busy devouring the pages. Now, this book transported me to the days the Military bestrode the Nigerian sphere like they owned it. Fascinating tales of IBB’s time as the president and Buhari’s rule. The whole military culture and coups are well detailed. I doubt I can say much but YOU NEED TO READ IT YOURSELF…c’est tout!
This book is incomparable to any of its
kind and I doubt there’s any like it. I felt the same way as I did while reading ‘Tragedy of Victory’ by Gen.Isama.
As a documentary researcher, I’ll hold on
dearly to this book and I can’t wait to have discussions about coup d’etat,the military and Nigeria. Why? Cos I can’t wait to share the knowledge gained from this book.
{4} ’Tragedy of Victory’ by Brig.Gen.Godwin Alabi-Isama
Non-fiction doesn’t come any better !….This book has really exposed me to what went on during the Nigeria/Biafra civil war {1967-1970}. Now, I know who the true heroes are…and well, the supposed heroes….and erm…cowards too ! pas de merde ici…
I really commend the author for this well written and detailed book filled with pictures, maps and notes. There’s definitely no book about the 1967-1970 war like this, I doubt any like this exists. Shocking to realise that history sometimes gets so distorted we no longer the truth,this book opens the window into the real happenings during the war.
The author clearing the air and misconceptions in/with the ego-filled ‘My Command by Gen. Obasanjo’ is quite revealing and interesting. It’s filled with historical facts as well, a researcher’s dream! Now I know how Col. Benjamin Adekunle’s nickname 'Black Scorpion’ came about and it’s way different from what my primary school History teacher taught me! hahahahaha. Until a decade or so ago, I hitherto thought that Gen. Obasanjo singlehandedly won the war for Nigeria against Biafra {due to fables and poor historical info}. Now I’m well endowed with the history, efforts and activities of the ‘The 3 marine Commando Division’. Respect to/for Brigadier-General, Godwin Alabi-Isama {author} and Gen. Alani Akinirande who actually were instrumental to Nigeria winning the war, the latter was actually the officer the Biafrans surrendered to.
{5} ‘Americanah’ by Chimamanda Adichie
Disappointed at the ending! Why? Cos I wanted the book to go on for like a couple more chapters!!!…hahahaha. It’s that good! Yes, it’s about race…and yes, it’s about Hair…and of course, it’s about love or what we think it is….and so much more.
One thing you can tell about this book is the research that went into it is amazing . It hits the core of Immigrants travails. stories that resonate.
Full Stop!…. I want you to go get a copy of this book. Chimamanda never disappoints.
Now do have a merry christmas!





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