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The literary world is never tired of spinning great writing opportunities and 2019 is paving better avenues to reaching emerging writers and modelling them for larger audiences. Check out some of these opportunities I also applied for.

1. Okadabooks Internship Programme.

A Nigerian leading e – publisher, Okadabooks, is calling for unpaid internships for a period of 4 months into the following departments:
* Marketing. 
* Sales and partnerships.
* Content building.
* Media.
* A good WIFI connection to enable you work from your location.
* Ability to work independently.
* Team player skills.
* The invaluable experience of working with a team of experts.
* A platform to kick start your writing career.
Read more and apply on Okada Blog

2. Indiana Review is accepting submissions.

Indiana Review is ranked as one of the top 100 literary magazines in the United States. It is currently accepting submissions of fiction, non fiction and poetry.
The editors want well crafted, lively and intelligent language beyond the world of their speakers or narrators.
All writers are paid $5.00 per page, two contributor copies of the issue and a year’s subscription to the magazine.
Visit Indiana Review Website for deadlines and application forms.

3. Winter Tangerine Free Summer Online / Physical Workshops.

Winter Tangerine holds a variety of 10 day online workshops as well as 4 day workshops in NYC from May – September. They center on black, indigenous writers of colour, queer, femme and trans writers.
They aim to challenge writers’ craft and collectively build new lenses meant to create dynamic readings and writings.
Visit www.wintertangerine.com and select which of the workshops you want to apply for.

Maria Oluwabukola Oni is a Nigerian Content Writer. Her eyes and ears keep roaming for writing opportunities and she loves to share them with like minds. Tweet your ideas @MariaMarhiya

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