Open Call: Iskanchi Writing Competition

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Submit to get published in the Spring Issue of Iskanci Magazine, and also win one of the prizes on offer: $200 for first place, $150 for second place, and $100 for third place. Writers who complete the 10 man longlist also win $50 each.

Iskanchi Press is a US-based publishing house for African writing, with the mission “to promote authentic African perspectives through a variety of African books, including fiction, non-fiction, and children’s literature written in, or translated into, English. We aim to redress the negative presumptions about Africa, satisfy the reader’s interest in diverse expressions, and serve the needs of African immigrants and minorities interested in seeing a more nuanced representation of their experiences.”

Submission Guidelines

  • Iskanchi considers work in most styles, forms, or genres. You are encouraged to read previous issues for a better idea of their preferences.
  • Subject of submission should be “Magazine Prize”
  • Include a short cover letter, third-person bio, and social media links.
  • Do not submit previously published work in print or online, including on personal blogs and social media.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but they that you inform them immediately should your work be accepted elsewhere.
  • Submit your work in these file formats: .doc, .docx, or .pdf.

All submissions should be sent to [email protected]
Submission Deadline: April 15, 2024
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