Still on 21st rapture


The offer in my last post is still on,at least for those in the geographical zone that won't see 21st until almost 24 hours to come. Thanks for your cooperation.

Now due to time zone,the Aussie would be the first to rapture because they would certainly get to 21st May,2011 before some other continents. Check your time people,dont forget to wish them happy rapturing! They getting the first ticket had me mulling.
Aussies are so lucky you know? They get to pick the best rooms,I imagine them choosing the ocean view parts, gardens, wildlifes(oh wild animals cant be wild in paradise,can they?); Aussies are nature lovers. Taste the food first, first shower, hang-out with the angels, etc. Won't they get to choose the virgins first? Depending on your belief though.

Well I hope there would be internet facility over there,maybe someone would update us what's happening. A status update on facebook,twitter,etc saying via would be much appreciated. Better, if a blogger raptured and blogs about the experience so that 'doubting Thomases' in the time zones yet to make 21st May,2011 would see proof.
I hope an Aussie will do us all that favour. It's time to wish all those in Australia a smooth rapturing. Thanks as we await your post via

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