Who Lied? Men Are Evil


Men are evil, yes you are right. Nigerian men are shameless cheats… Men are the same.

              This has found a way of becoming the mantra in every female circle these days. There must have been some Big Sister (like Big Brother in ‘1984’ by George Orwell) instructing this. I must give a huge shout out to that girl (or was it a guy?) that thought of ‘Swags won’t pay the bills in 10 years’ ‘Boys have swag; Men got class’. Really if not for such brilliant minds, some of these girls wouldn’t have something to update their status about.

            While we are at the ‘All men are the same’ junction, can I quickly state that I hear this from all the female folks and I had to wonder if that made them any different? At least that one thing made them the same too; amongst many other things. Alas I’m only speaking in relation to common sense.

            I will really like for this ‘Nigerian men’ being cheats issue to go further. Since it takes two to tango, Nigerian women should please start saying NO to these Nigerian men who of course are cheats by default. As men can’t keep to being faithful, can the female folks be faithful to their folks by saying NO to any goddamn Nigerian man who approaches them? As it were, they are the better sex, lol. Right there, I sense the female foreigners in Nigeria are smiling already! Oh yes, you shall have the Nigerian men all to yourselves now. I know you don’t mind cheats or do you?

            Pardon me; I’m a little excited here but it made me remember some years back while in the university. A Ghanaian/Nigerian girl came to write post Jamb tests and right on the second day we met, she sent me a text message professing love. I was sincerely astonished and sent a message back to her saying ‘I appreciate your effort. Can we get to know better first?’  Of course I lived in the movies; betrayed my Nigerian man blood (I’m sorry folks). That was the last I heard from her. She couldn’t stand me being ‘un-Nigerian manly’.  

            I know a lot of single guys who are great fellows and that’s not to paint a saint. But they have all had their ordeals with Nigerian women (that is not for me to tell).  The generalizations about men know no bounds. ALL guys kiss at age 12 and start shagging at age 14/15 I was told recently by a girl. She wouldn’t believe that it was/is not true…oh well, to drag the matter is to fall my own hand.  These myths are good for some people’s businesses (lips sealed).

            Seems all these things, to a certain degree, have a history. So while we look at Nigerian men being cheats, can we take a look at the number of boys our aunty, street sister, housemaid etc. had initiated into the sexual-know-how at a tender age?  Though it’s not an excuse, it is only good to take a look at the flip side. Truly; cheating, raping, women battering have sadly become the usual with some Nigerian men. The news is filled with it these days; very sad.

            Back to the discourse; when the seemingly good girls cry foul at the hands of the acclaimed bad guys, I’m caught between pity and ‘serves you right’ swings. Guys are not stones; we get burnt too (many times). We only just handle things differently. Bottom line remains; we all want that partner who will give that spark to our life, men and women alike. I recall the movie “Blood Diamonds” just while I was thinking of all these complaints about Nigerian men. That part in the movie, where the people were in the pit, digging, soaked in dirt; all in search of that tiny piece of diamond.

                 Right in the midst of the dirt shines out the diamond, yes it’s a rare gem.  If that gem is what you desire; you can’t be promised a smooth sojourn. Make good choices while digging. By the way, now that you know your desire it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go for it, would it? It’s what you want; you go girl! Set that P today; I’m single too 🙂 Thanks.


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  1. Who lied? Absolutely neither of the sexes. The theory behind this articulated research of our contemporary adulterated world is a sacred programme of divine.

  2. really? your opinion is one sided and i do not even want to go into this argument so i'll just go.

    great write up by the way though am not digging the whole chauvinist undertone

    • Yes really, lol. It's a look at the flip side of men are evil, cheats and whatever name had been given to men. The generalisation about men are countless and the point here which has mostly been overlooked is the fact that there are good people; a smooth sojurn might just not be granted. Argument? Please let's hear/read it; after all this is an opportunity to be educated. I'm here to learn. This is sexist? iSmile Thanks for the compliment.    

    • Hi Lue,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Noted that you don't agree with feyisayo, can you please write a rejoinder and send it in. Thanks once again.

  3. Nigerian Movies

    Why do everyone say this? It's not all men that cheat on their partners. If this is what people say all time time, them what about married women that cheats on their husband? All they say is – he those not have time ……

    Forgetting that the man has gone to look for bread and butter for the family. Believe it, more Nigerian women cheats nowadays.

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