You Bomber

Dear bomber,
Let’s both pretend you are fighting for a justifiable course. Let’s say I didn’t call you dear because I’m afraid of you. Let’s agree our leaders are corrupt bastards and allegiance to the country isn’t worth it anymore. Would we say the masses lives be a pawn on the chess board?
Accuracy and sensibility will be advised! Letting money lose through your activity in places like the CBN at night would delight masses as they pack their share of raining money in the rubbles. If you can’t solve our problems just let us be. The last time I checked none of the corrupt bastards had been a casualty of the bombings. Who then is your primary target?
I dare not suggest to you but you might want to consider the anguish caused by the explosions. You had just become one of those you have been condemning; CALLOUS! Now I’ll hush before I court trouble.
Thanks, don’t bother reply please!!!!

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