3 Poems by Jeremy Karn


There Are More / No Beautiful Things Than Chantal
(After reading: 1st John 4:18)


                       On the other hand / you were like the traffic / signs that keep / warning us about the swinging kitchen door 

 a boy spelled the name / Chantal wrongly on /  his tongue & still fights to pronounce it

sometimes / he thinks / the sea ends in her body 
sometimes he  tried to trap the sunlight in his shirt pocket
the sea upgraded / itself into 2019 version 


                         beside her portrait / what else of her is alive, my mother asked?
by nature her voice is allowed to be alive / to grow /
to love / to be called beautiful

the rain ran around / the house naked / sweating from heat 
a woman sweeps the / Earth from the street into the sidewalk

she teaches you how / to love things that      don’t love you             

how to love the sea / that left you standing on the shore bare feet / picking seashells

how to lick your blood off    your hand when you /
slice your finger instead of the fruit 


               this idea of loving something without / loving another things is a sham 

you don’t have to arrange your body like piano keys / when I trace my fingerprints from your bones
——just sit; let’s pray 

my addiction to something is never  wrong / my addiction to love is a wind
caught in a cobweb / her addiction to love must be out of  reach children

Jeremy T. Karn is a 23 year old poet from Monrovia, Liberia. His poems have been published in Kalahari review, Praxis Magazine, Odd Magazine, The African Writers and others. He can be reached through his email [email protected].

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