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father, the day you closed your eyes and refused to open it, i felt my bones crushed into pulps, i was silent like the lifelessness in you.
i tried finding it in that painting, the one you hung in your room/ in this poem/ in the bottles i drank/ in cigarettes & women who talked like waves on oceans and left me with voidness and macabre silence.
there’s nothing that smells like pain & tears,
everything I’ve heard leaves a question that pushes me into the afterlife to seek an answer from you. here, lost in gardens that tender only sorrows, i walk, searching for voices that will remove the dampness in me.
…sometimes, i travel to the past, to look unto the wrinkles in your face & palm
asking a question
of how your death leads to the death of everything that has meaning to me.


waters & warmth are two poems that burns in my throat.

yesterday, a boy said: an aubade in the sunset is a metaphor of waters in fireworks. waters are memories living in the darkness of my youth, singing a lyre of conundrums created into a wind, echoing sounds only swallows mutter on the hilltop.
night is where warmth resides, where a moon is broken into stars and the asteroids broken into chirps & moans. lovers write sonnets to themselves in the night, where they respond in giggles and pains of lovemaking.
morn, is where one births a butterfly, a beauteous one that pollinates the roses we held on our lips.
in my home, water and warmth are two moons on a Jupiter night & each wearing memories of how poems fold into us/ into our nights/ into our dreams & into roses our dreams pollinated.


after romeo oriogun

they say love start in drops of winks, so when your voice came in the winds and the lyrics of your heart gets slower, i had thought our love was growing into oceans, i never knew you were casting demons in you.
then i know people leave in drops too
when i met the silence in your mouth & the world became silent & void.

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Tajudeen Muadh Akanbi (he/him) is a poet from osun State, Nigeria, he’s a member of hilltops creative arts foundation, a member of northern writer’s forum, he is a one time winner of Elite’s writing contest and his works have appeared or forthcoming on different literary magazines such as afrihill press, Kalahari review,spill words, synchronized chaos and elsewhere.
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Facebook: Tajudeen Muadh Bayo
Twitter: @tajudeenmuadh
Instagram: @lightening.pen

Lake Adedamola is a poet, writer, and editor with Nantygreens, who's worked with several other literary blogs including Brittle Paper. He has, since 2018, served in various capacities on the Lagos International Poetry Festival, LIPFest, team.

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