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Scattered Verses of My Letter to God iii. I remember the day you died,It was the same evening pa lost his name.We called him a body.The sky stained himself with…More

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Bewilderedness there are days you wander in between trunks of trees in the darkest forest imbedded in your veins. you wished plucking your two lens out of their sockets; wanting…More

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Upon the Still Waters of the Niger, I Wrote This i am trapped in an influx of gaseous watersa rhythmic trombone writhes me into transparency& glow is a myth, so…More

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Walk through this with Me My father loves better when he is drunk and my mother seizes the moment with her hands and body. We are in the living room…More

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A Study of Our Madnesssometimes it becomes difficult to tell the difference between my mind and a townhouse burning to the ground maybe /to be mad//is just another name/ for…More

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How we got here how many wonders have you heard about in your life time / the Noah’s flood / the miracles of Jesus or / the tea pot that…More

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What Happened, to Me? I miss the daysWhen I’d play soccer with my sisters& run around playing in the choicest mud. I miss the daysWhen I’d worry less about how…More

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Spins Are Headlights at Night nothing is blurred & fast sped – close your eyes. this is not how you spin not with outspread arms & after falls – there’s…More