A Crystal Dream by Ibisola Omoyoloye




I see a beautiful lass
Having tender lips
As red as crimson
Oval shaped face
Like the shape
Of an avocado pear
Perfectly set white teeth
With a beautiful smile
That shatters the calmness of nature
Sharp bright eyes
With eyeballs so blue
And curves so intricately carved
Like a fairy tale goddess.

The chocolate on her supple skin
Makes the eyes of men water deliciously for a touch.

The grace in her steps
The tenderness in her voice
The sweetness in her speech
The warmth in her smile
The comfort of her presence
Caresses my imaginations.

She exists in my thought
She is my definition of perfection
She is the girl that tickles my fancy.


Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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  1. nantygreens

    Smooth sleek lines,flows that make even a guy blush; this surely caught my fancy 😛

    Sola is a beautiful girl!! Guys stepping to her must up their ante. Lovely piece!!

  2. I was ryt dere wen u wrote dis poem and wen I read it, I told u it was real gud…all d above comments justify dat, great job dear…kip it up amd kip dem coming *hugs*

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