Poem: Abeokuta by James Ademuyiwa

Through your dusty path,
I was formed in the crannies
Of an enduring ovum,
Dusty with the lineage of
Brave warriors like Agbongbo Akala
From the days of creation,
You were forged beneath the rock
The same day Eden was named.
Though, Genesis had no letters to
Write your name on its pages,
And you were listed on the barters
Of Western skins,
Yet, your puny hands with giant sights
Nurtured me.
Your ancient eyes have witnessed
The death of roaring lions, your hands
Have buried coward birds, in your sight
Have been martyred,
And weaklings made kings.
In your bosom, vultures feast
Sheep are led to the slaughter
Dogs are witnesses in Holy courts
Irons are no more Sanctum for 'Ogun',
For they are now melted to feed our pains.
To what lineage will our pains fall?
Of what story will generations to come
Hear of you?
Of whom shall we seek our refuge from?
PS: Abeokuta – capital city of Ogun State in Nigeria. It means 'under the rock'
Agbongbo Akala – name of a native warrior in Abeokuta, who fought gallantly for the 'Egba' tribe during intra tribal wars
Ogun – the name of a god in Yoruba land

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