Astray by Obatayo Aduramigba



Where goeth thou tonight?
With thy legs and luggage
Mountain sorrows to alight
From clogged wheels of carriage

Reminisce, how heart had trauma
When pleasure begot dismay
My strengths, overwhelmed by Abasia
And soul crocked up at the brae
When lover fled and betray
Didn’t you spill tears like beer?
When Mississippi drown you to death
And hanged you like a forest bear
Didn’t love blackballed from the earth ?

Oh! foolish mysterious heart!
Will thou welcome another disaster
Has thou another master
Alas! I strangle you and restart

How many receptor do you want
To perceive the church admonition bell
Why pursue love like a servant?
Why follow a route that leads to hell?

Dear heart, if you espouse this way
Making love take you away
You go to doom, you go astray.



Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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  1. Reminds me of a picture quote that said the heart’s duty is to pump blood; if it falls in love, it is on its own.

    Nicely written, Obatayo.

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