Barricades by Ejiro Edward


What it means when a man falls from the sky.
Lesley Nneka

What shall I render unto you /this burnt body /I meant offering/sorry what difference does it make though /I haven’t been existing /talk less of living / I’m sorry am the kind of woman you can have /only in death /what do Men mean when they say /till death do us apart /isn’t that the reason why words like this exist /Necrophilia / I’m sorry /I’m becoming too apologetic /this cause I’m six feet under /in grave there is no hell /no heaven /just too much gnashing of my teeth /and people filled with regret / I am sorry I can only make you come /when I’m too close to finding the gates of heaven/ I’m sorry you couldn’t have me /but I was too busy making myself come with the kind of poems I write / and when I come /I squirt /this cup of body of mine is full /running over/

And my body barricading through another lovers body/ I am done being in love/I wouldn’t mind making love though /if it isn’t love /it is lust/if it’s not lust it’s stuck between wanting and wanting till I suffocate you /this too don’t blame it on me/like a time machine /I am just a body ready to explode /a grenade /this too don’t blame it on me/blame it on the man whose hands ploughed through my vagina forgetting that I am a small garden /not a forest /blame it on the frequent boys who are too quick to release /even more eager to leave / if you feel I’m unjust /blame it on a country that will eagerly kill me cause I exist /I am sorry /I am just a time bomb barricading.

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