Beloved │ Mahbubat Kanyinsola Salahudeen │ Poetry


The most beautiful thing I’ve ever felt is you, and I remain convinced that the most beautiful thing I’ve ever felt is still you. The nectar of your nether lips reminds me of the full thickness of the pineapple cream which is the taste of your tongue the night it captured me in its embrace — beneath the bright lights of the milky moon spilling through the clouds.

The sunshine of your smile keeps me restless for days, your mood is like the rule of law which possesses authority, you stole my heart with no permission. The sunshine of your smile illuminates my existence. You’re my perfect dream.

It’s alright if you’re chased by many women. I say it’s alright. I won’t object if you don’t have enough love to spare, but listen, don’t keep me shielded in a world crocheted in façade. Don’t give me roses. Don’t cling on to me in the darkness of the night. Don’t whisper my name in the after dark or beneath the sunshine of your smile. Go on, don’t worry about me.

Your memory flaps across my mind, then wheels out of sight, in consciousness or unconsciousness as if you were the ocean of my dream and my emotions are the sails

Some things are destined to leave and not return like the caterpillar that is your love galloping through the blankets of solitude. Adieu. I bid you adieu beloved. Just say no.

Mahbubat Kanyinsola Salahudeen is an 18 year old poet, spoken words artist, writer and human rights activist who resides in South Western Nigeria. Her work has featured or is forthcoming at several places including Spillwords magazine, Fiery Scribe Review, Ice Flow Press, Northern Press, Terror House Magazine, Down in the Dirt, Ice Lolly, Neon Magazine and elsewhere. Besides storytelling she is intrigued by music, sports, catering and historical movies. She can be found on Facebook.

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