Falling by Muneerah Abubakar


Like rocks and hail on roofs
Did the thunderous rain fall 
So hard  

Like it had a point to prove        

On what was once 
A fine sunny morning
Turned gloomy, ugly one. 


As the dark veil of a woman in mourning
Was the sky covered 
Like there’d never be dawn…                                       
And here I sat,
Heart pounding 
Like the stomping 
Of  thousand horses’ hooves.

Hoping and praying that you’d be coming

To hold me and all my pains you may soothe.                                                       
Just then without any warning
did the storm come to a-halting…

The same way it started this morning 
Running down the stairs to answer the door

Almost certain it’s you who had come knocking.

My foot hit something right on the floor!                          
Alas! It’s a parcel with a note saying you are gone…                    
And down I went falling! falling!! falling!!!



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