Fountain of love by Daniel Ajayi


There’s a fountain that gives love where light and darkness collide
The dreams of giant edifice on the streams of unending smile
Like logging off from signals filled with handwritings on the wall
Pikes in skies, sewed breeze to calm

There’s an army that beseech thee and bow
Handcuffs of diligence, war at peace
Like the dancing masquerade that pricks leaves
Flowers with a lonely heart

There are thought of you that lost lust
Feeling the gap between brothers and sisters
Like the fabric from promising land with milk and honey
And you found foundations to apply on the face of cure

There are strongholds that showers ardour from the tower
And gave you butterfly reasons for your joy
They never thwart your fatherly pick
But supplied enough fields to cultivate love


Daniel Ajayi was born in Lagos Nigeria. He’s a devoted poet who writes anything but not everything from the reading of human behaviour.

Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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