Hell-dorado by Jide Ojedokun



A land
where night knows no rest
and day longs for freedom
A land
where tears beams with joy
and laughter cries of pain
where progress resides
in the annals of history
and corruption rejoice
in his tales of victory

Our ecclesiastical prince
sits majestically upon
his throne of turbulence
in his palace of commotion
among his goons of immense
offering up as sacrifice
their precious time
to cater for our every needs
through means unknown to us

A land
where man surrenders
sanity for insanity
seeing no value
in the life of his kindred
tearing into shreds
the flesh of his brother
once our eldorado
but now an hell-dorado
enjoy your visit.

Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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