Igbeyawo: The Matrimony by Bello Haneefah


Igbeyawo: The Matrimony


Today is the day whose date

We shall live to remember

As we celebrate

Our son and daughter

We shall feast till it’s late

And we hope it lasts forever.


Men and housewives!

Grab your clay pots and your knives,

Butcher the cows and stir the stew,

Gourds of palm wine should not be few.

Is the compound set?

Have the drummers arrived yet?


Behold! The bride;

Ewatomi, an epitome of beauty

Sitting with elegance and pride;

Cheeks rosy, eyes fruity,

Beads on her waist, ankles and wrists;

Her beauty makes our eyes mist.


Is that not Akanbi the groom?

A shy maiden runs to her room

On seeing our prince charming

Young he is, but rich as a king

Donning his expensive agbada and cap

Any girl would fall into his trap.


It is time for the most important rite

Let the parents bless this union

Marriage is a comfort site

You are each other’s companion

You shall bear children with ease

Your love won’t quench, come any breeze


Now we feast

Talking drums command hips

Even Baba nods his head at least

Wedding songs on our lips

Dance rigorously to the drumbeat

Till we’re aching from our head to our feet

Let palm wine flow endlessly

Pounded yam or Amala; eat to your fill

Take advantage of this ecstasy

To eat like it’s your last meal

Amidst all of this,

We wish Ewatomi and Akanbi marital bliss.



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