Maami (My Mother) by Olukunle Adeyemo

Maami (My Mother)

A great star she is,
Dazzling all with her peace
Encompassed with love,
Kindness, and good gestures
Under her tutelage – Maami

Nothing brightens like her light,
Leading a leader aright
Even at the sight of challenges
Annually piling up in stages,
And in pages – Maami

Just as the ants build anthills,
And birds build nests,
She builds her rest
In her own trusted breeds
Not neglecting flaws and edges – Maami


*This poem “Maami (My Mother)” is dedicated to my mother in person of “Mrs Olayemi Esther Adeyemo” for her love and care for I and my siblings. Mum we love you so dearly… You are the best. 

Olukunle AdeyemoOlukunle Adeyemo is an undergraduate student of English and Literary Studies, Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba.

Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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