My Beloved | Oladimeji Olatunji | Poetry


I hear them giggle, I see them cuddle, what a buzz.
Openly, unashamed, unrestrained.
Oh! How they are head over heels for one another.
I love love.
And I’m jealous;
Would I ever find love like theirs?

Interestingly, I have a lover.
This lover’s resolve is unquestionable and one I cannot phantom.
Why would he want me? What does he really make of me?
Oh, how I’m so deeply loved,
Only a love so sincere would go as far as the cross.
Only a love so genuine would condone this irritably non-responsive demeanor.
I wouldn’t stand me.

Yet he stands waiting,
Those smiles never for a moment fading,
Arms stretched out, never for a moment tiring.

If I make the run for your arms, I am unsure I deserve your warmth.
If I make the move to reciprocate, I am unsure I’d stay faithful.
Nothing is sure about me, yet you gave your life for me.
Nothing is me but dust, yet for me your blood is spilled that I may be just.

He said,
Just say yes, and ours would be the greatest love story
Just say yes, and I will unveil the treasures I prepared for you
Just say yes…
I’ll teach you; I’ll show you my nature
Our intercourse would bring forth fruits, only say yes.

Oladimeji Olatunji may be described as a writer who loves to illustrate God’s love in pieces long and short. He also enjoys musing on affairs of the heart, and societal norms.

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