Once by Godwin Godson




You once lived in splashing colors

Rainbows, magic and light.

With your illuminated skies of dancing ferries

With your countless conquests on raging seas

We were allies in mischief,

Sole controller of our happiness.

Once, you would forget your playstation

To lie by my side on the grass

And enjoy a movie, a movie of the true stars.

Once we were happy.

And once all that it constituted was love

And sharing.

Once I would remind you of this, and

We would talk about it.

But I can’t now.

Once you would listen

But now I fear your response.

We are struggling, confused

Trying to find this road that we once strode.

I now feel threatened by your silly jabs

When once I would laugh.

We now argue and fight

Cutting each other down, cutting each other off

Once, this was play.

And now we reside in this darkness,

Somber like a funeral.

Once, this was life



Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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