Peek-a-boo! I See You! by @theOBII


 by theOBII

peekaboo - nantygreens
Photograph: hiding by brendan hoffman

A song for children, I think not

I think we are strange

All of us


But that is not the problem

We are afraid of our individuality

So we group and re-group

Into an accepting multitude

Because we won’t stand alone

Or fight alone

That is the problem.

Standing exists only on the strength of them

Whose strength is too fickle for any demonstration

Beyond loud voices, false provocation

And social judgement

We don’t sit either

Sitting says we give in, up and away

Our voices

Our conscience.

So we walk,

Away from it all

Headphones on

Lips sealed and our backs against the truth

We survive another day where we succeed

In a game of pretence


The rules of this game is to succeed

in seeing how far you’ll get with claiming indifference

Till the problem stands on your front door

Shares your bed

Becomes your children

Touches you like a lover

Where every kiss is the betrayal

you didn’t think would find you


Headphones on

Lips sealed and our backs against the truth

But for how long?

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