Perfect Gentlemen by David Udorah


Awoken by the cough of the gun.

'Bless you' I would have said

But fear got the better part of me.

A dashing thought to pray came

But gibberish and audible silence

Was all my lips could quiveringly mutter.


'Where your laptop? Where your phone?'

The gentlemen shouted.

'Oga abeg, I no get'

Was the repeated response I heard.

A resounding slap and another cough.

That cough brought reality back to me.


'Its a robbery! It's a robbery!'

I almost screamed my guts out.

'That might be your last' 

A voice in my head advised.

More doors kicked open.

More gadgets, like offering, collected.

Resigning to fate, I awaited my turn.


But like a droplet of water in an ocean,

They disappeared like they never came.

'Ole ni!' 

'No, cultists ni'

The unaffected argued.

While the victims could only stare in shock.


Truly, we all lost something.

Some lost their properties,

Others, their peace.

As we all in fear

Dread a second visit.


David Udorah

A 300L student of English Studies,

Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba,Ondo State.

Creative works (literature, art and culture) emerging from Nigeria.

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