Rambo by Ayodeji Louis




I could say that I am lost

Lost of you

I could say that I cried

Cried for me

Me and you…..we together

We are like a flint

Flying through the dark

Beckoning at our lights

Burning while it met

You don’t ruin me

You don’t mend me



I loved you still

Your heart burns for me

I am Gold, rusty gold,

I need fire, a fire that burns

You are my diamond, shinning bright

I could say that I am lost

But I am only lost of you

I am not lost of me

I could say that I need you

But need is just a word



Now that your feet left,

I know your heart stayed

It journeys more slowly

You are my fire!

Kept in the iron shield

You will always be with me

Whether you leave or stay





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